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Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell
Alex Blackwell has built his career around providing customers with helpful solutions, and is currently Walsworth's vice president of marketing and communications, overseeing all marketing. He began his career as a teacher in his home state of Virginia, before joining Walsworth as a sales rep.

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Using An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing tactics often are devised as individual ideas. You want to promote a new book, so you create a website that provides information about the book. The author wants to get his or her name out there, so he or she creates a Twitter account or Facebook page. Taken individually, these are good ideas to move the needle.

But there’s something missing. And that something is strategy.

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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

While most businesses are familiar with complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in their offices and brick and mortar shops, not as many may think about compliance when it comes to their website. But, they should.

Title III of the ADA says businesses and nonprofits must provide accommodations that allow people with disabilities to access the same services they provide to people who are not disabled. The title extends to cover websites, apps and other electronic media, both internally and for the general public.

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How to Hashtag to Increase Visibility to Your Tweets

While most folks are familiar with Twitter’s hashtag, not everyone is just as knowledgeable about using it effectively. Introduced in 2007, the hashtag is the “#” symbol you put in front of a keyword or topic in your tweet.

Using the hashtag correctly can increase visibility to your Tweets. Using it incorrectly can actually decrease the exposure of your tweet or even lead to annoyance or outrage in the social media scene.

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5 Tips for Converting Website Visitors into Customers

Everyone wants to generate website traffic, but getting people to visit your website is only half the battle. Converting those visitors into customers is the real challenge, and it’s essential to the success of your business. If people visit without taking the next step, you may as well not have a website at all.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to create revenue streams from your website visitors. Here are five tips to improve landing page performance for converting website visitors into customers.

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How to Launch a Successful App | Keep Making Some Noise

Once your new app is launched successfully, you still have the perpetual job of keeping downloads and attention going strong. How to keep making some noise is the final topic in our four-part series that outlines Walsworth’s exclusive “A Practical Guide to a Successful App Launch: 20 Helpful Tips.”

Continuing up the noise helps keep your app in the spotlight instead of relegated to yesterday’s news. You need to tell the world your app remains relevant, exciting and a must-have for savvy readers looking for compelling content and delicious deals.

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