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Andrew Shackelford

Andrew Shackelford
Andrew is an experienced business development and marketing leader with a 24-year proven track record for identifying, delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains in extremely competitive U.S. industries and markets. As a Sales Representative for Walsworth, Andrew enjoys partnering with associations to maximize revenue, lower publishing costs, and engage readers.

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Growing Ad Rates without Shrinking Revenue

Back in the day, it was a given — with every new calendar year came another ad rate increase. You could usually budget for 2% over the previous year, perhaps more if you were aggressive. You’d cover costs and then some.Request Integrated Content Marketing Stategy Whitepaper


Not so much.

Reducing costs and fighting for share of the advertising budget can seem like a full-time proposition for any size association.

Yet a recent Ad Age study found 18% of magazine advertisers planned an increase in spending over the coming year. Savvy publishers will go after that share with increased ad rates by getting buy-in from key supporters, basing the discussion in terms of increased value, and consistently marketing their publications effectively.

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