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Christoph Sisson
Christoph is a marketing and customer-experience practitioner who is committed to understanding customer needs and business objectives. As marketing manager for Walsworth, Christoph enjoys informing customers about solutions that can improve their success.

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How to Use A/B Testing to Improve Landing Page Performance

Are you already A/B testing your landing pages to help ensure they perform well?

Or, like me, do you find the concepts of A/B testing a little abstract?

Either way, an article I found recently will clear up many of the mysteries of A/B testing, and it might even help you improve the testing processes you’ve used in the past.

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Google Says It's Time to Take Mobile Seriously

The number of users of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones keeps growing, and the ways that Internet content is made accessible must increase, too. Website operators and mobile users should note a key change by Google to its search algorithms in which search results are tailored more toward mobile users.

Starting April 21, websites' mobile-friendliness will become a stronger ranking factor in Google search results around the world, the search engine giant announced in a February blog post. As a result, mobile users should see high-quality, relevant content optimized for their devices.

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Keys to Quicker and Easier Content Curation

You’ve heard that content is king. And it’s true, especially when talking about expanding your audience and driving additional traffic to your website.

However, you also know that creating consistently relevant and high-quality content can be difficult.

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Extend Your Readership Reach With Content Curation

It's important to update your blog regularly, but coming up with topics can sometimes be a challenge, both in terms of inspiration and finding the time to write. Curating content from other sources can address both of those issues, as well as help you publish valuable content. If you've ever read something that was so good you wished you'd written it, sharing curated content means that you can share a message that you find insightful or amazing, while also adding some context to make it your own. It's a valuable part of your content marketing strategy.

Content curation is nothing new. Curators have long sought and purchased or borrowed pieces for museums and art galleries to be viewed by people who visit these establishments. That bears some similarity to curation of blog posts and articles in that you're bringing in topics to share with people who visit your blog.

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Investing in Print Magazine Pays Nonprofits Dividends

Nonprofit organizations have a never-ending job of getting their word out to attract supporters. Letting people know about your organization – why it exists, what it does, who it helps and how they can support it – increases interest, participation and funding. The Internet, email, digital publishing and social media have greatly increased the ways nonprofits make connections with people, but good old-fashioned print publishing has its place, and magazine printing can greatly benefit your nonprofit.

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