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Dennis Paalhar

Dennis Paalhar
Dennis Paalhar is a native of Marceline, Mo., who has worked for Walsworth for the last 26 years. Starting in Customer Service gave him the skills and knowledge to succeed in our company. He enjoys working with first-time book authors, as well as experienced publishers, to get their story in print.

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Capturing History in Print

The Walsworth History Division has been helping historical and genealogy societies, police and fire departments, churches, and businesses as well as individuals capture their history in print. We work one-on-one with each customer to guide them through the process of gathering the history and photos, organizing the material for production, and then designing their book to fit their individual needs.

Once the manuscript is complete, we create 15 to 20 sample design pages for their approval. We will design the opening pages, and a couple of sections. We want the customer to have as much input in the designing of the book as they like.

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