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When it comes to apps, the possibilities keep expanding. We are proud to be a partner with Adobe AEM, which allows our app architects to create attractive, intuitive, user-friendly apps.

Our apps are no longer just publishing apps. They’re tools that can add variety to your publishing strategy. The right app will serve as an interactive companion to your printed publication. It can be used to inform, entertain or connect with your audience.

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Four Walsworth Publishing Apps Receive AM&P Excel Awards

Walsworth is proud to announce that four of its association apps received award recognition in AM&P’s EXCEL Awards, which recognizes excellence and leadership in nonprofit association media, publishing, marketing and communications.

An overview of each association and mobile publishing app is provided below.

Digital Presence Assessment Info RequestAll share common goals:

  • Combining content from various sources to make it available in one convenient place
  • Increasing member engagement with interactive content and update alerts
  • Providing analytic insights to understand what content members value most
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Division of American Library Association Finds Success with New Publishing App

When it came time for Choice to facilitate a technology overhaul, building a new part was a necessary component. Choice is a publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), which falls under the umbrella of the American Library Association. Their publications include Choice magazine and the Choice Reviews database.

Updating Technology
Creating an app was part of a push to modernize Choice’s offerings.

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Tips To Improve Member Engagement with Mobile Publishing Apps

Walsworth understands that associations are always looking for ways to improve member engagement due to the positive effects of engagement on retaining current members and attracting new members.

One of the tools available to help associations achieve increased member engagement is mobile publishing apps.

As we have posted previously, mobile publishing apps can help publishers reach more readers, track member engagement metrics, increase time spent reading, deliver interactive content and even increase value to sponsors and advertisers with additional reader views.

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Avoiding Common Mistakes Made By Digital Publications

If your organization is considering or already producing a digital publication to reach your mobile audience, it’s important to know best practices to achieve the best outcomes. Our app creation blog series is full of tips on how to accomplish this, and our Practical Guide to a Successful App Launch contains 20 tips with step-by-step directions to help you get your publishing app to market successfully.

However, these articles focus on best practices and not potential pitfalls. To learn about possible trouble spots so you can avoid them, the recent article by creative director David Hicks is another point of view to consider. Hicks outlines 10 mistakes that are commonly made when producing digital publications. While showing where the pitfalls are, he prescribes alternatives that will help maximize downloads and reader adoption.

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