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Summer 2018: it’s like Candy Land for association lovers

We’re on the brink of an exciting summer for associations! There are plenty of great events coming up through Association Media and Publishing (AM&P), and Walsworth will be along for the ride.

The big event
AM&P’s big event of the year is happening this month! The 2018 Annual Meeting will be held June 25-27 at the National Housing Center in Washington, D.C. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the people who work in the association world.

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Ideas for Comprehensive Member Retention Programs

Why should someone join your association? And why should a member renew their membership?

These are questions your association works to answer every day as it communicates its value proposition both externally, to the world, and internally to its employees, volunteers and membership.

Answers to these questions will provide the basis for acquisition and retention programs that will help your association grow its membership. We describe several components of comprehensive member retention programs here.

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The State of Association Publishing

Publishing, at its core, is about creation and sharing of knowledge. For associations, the publishing team is focused on creating and sharing knowledge pertinent to the mission of that association. However, associations must acknowledge that the world is changing. Keeping up will require hard work, and many associations will need to make a fundamental change in the way they approach publishing.

We detail the current state of association publishing below, and the need for change.

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5 Ways Your Association should be Using Video to Engage Members

Video is an increasingly useful resource for every organization working to connect with people. It can be a great tool for further engaging your members. Adding video to the ways you already engage with members – methods like email, social media, print and your website – can help attract and engage members.

Here are five ways your association can use video:

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A New Resource for Associations Preparing an RFP

You’ve probably seen it at your association office: an employee slumped over his or her desk, head in hands, stressing over the creation of a Request for Proposal (RFP).

That despondency doesn’t have to be part-and-parcel of submitting an RFP. Our eBook, Creating a Successful RFP: A Guide for Associations, walks through the process step by step.

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