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A Day in the Life of an Association Publications Manager: Meet Tina Angley

The world of associations is vast and varied. It covers everything from groups targeting a small, niche group of hobbyists to organizations that cater to widespread professions. It’s a unique space to occupy and everyone does it differently.

Tina Angley is the Manager of Member Publications at the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Walsworth interviewed her as part of our Day in the Life series. We want to shed insight into the day-to-day requirements of successful associations.

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Want to throw an amazing association event? Three keys to making it work

Throwing a truly spectacular event can be an enormous boon to your association. However, it’s a lot of work.

Whether your association has never thrown an event, or you’ve hosted dozens and are hoping to take it to the next level, events require planning. This is not something that can be haphazardly thrown together at the last minute.

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Building a Mentorship Program for your Association

Your association may be missing out on a powerful tool: mentorships. Associations are meant to unite members through a common goal or interest. A mentorship program is merely the next step.

Why do I need a mentorship program?

Creating a mentorship program provides tangible support of membership benefits.

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Leveraging LinkedIn for Associations

Social media can be a low-cost tool for associations. The various platforms allow associations to drive membership and engage with existing members.

LinkedIn has remained a place for professional interactions since its beginning, and continues to offer valuable resources. It has become a hub of expert advice, networking and awareness.

LinkedIn offers helpful step-by-step instructions for nonprofits to get started. These instructions can be a useful resource for associations. Once you’ve established your presence, it’s time to reap the rewards.

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Division of American Library Association Finds Success with New Publishing App

When it came time for Choice to facilitate a technology overhaul, building a new part was a necessary component. Choice is a publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), which falls under the umbrella of the American Library Association. Their publications include Choice magazine and the Choice Reviews database.

Updating Technology
Creating an app was part of a push to modernize Choice’s offerings.

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