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Leveraging Medium To Extend Your Blog Reach

Like many people in business, you're probably trying to stay on top of developments in social media that can help you reach your audience. So, if you haven't yet tried Medium, the trendy social blogging platform started by the co-founder of Twitter, here’s why Medium can be a great place to get your message across and draw followers who think like you do.

The biggest reasons? It's cool, it's passionate, and it's progressive. Medium is brimming with tags about modern topics from climate change and global water quality to driverless cars and virtual reality. Not only can you connect with people who are part of the changing fabric of society, you can also leverage this platform to market your own charitable and socially responsible initiatives and create and nurture connections on that level.

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How to Use Charitable Involvement to Attract Your Audience

Organizations that are active in their communities can make great impressions on potential members, customers and clients. These organizations may work to create positive change through charitable involvement like volunteering, donating to a charity, or joining a community partnership.

Besides the good results these actions create, incorporating this involvement in your marketing strategy will demonstrate that your company cares about more than just business, and can attract like-minded followers whose brand loyalty could bring tremendous benefits.

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Niche Social Media Channels to Reach Your Audience

You already know the importance of having a content marketing strategy to create a strong social media presence. This usually means highly popular mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, but depending on your company or organization, other social sites may be helpful as well.

While many such sites may be completely irrelevant to your organization, others could offer unique opportunities to connect with social networks that have a finely tuned audience that's more specific than you'd find among general users. If you want to engage with people with a narrow range of interests, you can search for niche social media channels or simply check out some of the niche social platforms below:

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Leveraging Instagram – The WHY and HOW for your organization

If you're riding the fence about whether to sign up for Instagram, or you've made the plunge but haven't done much with the platform, it's time to get started on what has become the fastest-growing social media network.

Instagram grew 60 percent in 2014, rising to 300 million users, including 64 million active users in the U.S. In 2015, the platform hit the 400-million mark to overtake Twitter and grew to more than 77 million U.S. users amid predictions of 100 million by 2018.

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Tips to Maximize Visibility of Your Great Blog Posts

You're putting out great blog posts that engage readers and impart information that is useful to them, but are you taking full advantage of the resources that can maximize visibility of those posts? Read on to learn more.

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