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Boost Readership & Advertising Dollars with Special Publications

If you want to boost reader engagement, boost advertising revenue and build a loyal audience, consider putting out a special publication that is likely to resonate with your target audience.

Your regular readers will already be on notice, but a special issue can attract the attention of other readers who aren't familiar with your magazine. If they like what they see, they may stick around and become consumers of your other content.

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Engage Your Audience With Audio Podcasts

You're probably making great strides to engage your audience with great content on all the relevant social media channels, but have you considered what audio podcasts can do to support your content marketing efforts?

Podcasts are a great way to get the word out while being entertaining and socially connective. Interesting podcast topics delivered by interesting people can help generate audience engagement by connecting listeners to your brand in a personable way.

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How to Use A/B Testing to Improve Landing Page Performance

Are you already A/B testing your landing pages to help ensure they perform well?

Or, like me, do you find the concepts of A/B testing a little abstract?

Either way, an article I found recently will clear up many of the mysteries of A/B testing, and it might even help you improve the testing processes you’ve used in the past.

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Google Says It's Time to Take Mobile Seriously

The number of users of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones keeps growing, and the ways that Internet content is made accessible must increase, too. Website operators and mobile users should note a key change by Google to its search algorithms in which search results are tailored more toward mobile users.

Starting April 21, websites' mobile-friendliness will become a stronger ranking factor in Google search results around the world, the search engine giant announced in a February blog post. As a result, mobile users should see high-quality, relevant content optimized for their devices.

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Keys to Quicker and Easier Content Curation

You’ve heard that content is king. And it’s true, especially when talking about expanding your audience and driving additional traffic to your website.

However, you also know that creating consistently relevant and high-quality content can be difficult.

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