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Event Marketers: Keep Your Contacts Engaged and List Fresh

The contact list you have carefully crafted for your annual conference is vital. Every name on that list is potential revenue, positive outward ripples of free marketing, and attendee feedback that can make future events even better.

Nurture your contact list to ensure the best reach and retention. As covered in my event promotion best practices article, consistent, informative communication during the year will help you retain attendees:

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Zinger headlines that quickly engage readers

Most writers of blogs, articles or press releases are aware of the importance of starting strong. They work on a strong lead that sets up the reader for the rest of the piece. But do they work as long or as thoroughly when contemplating a headline?

Online readers can also be called "scanners," because they are likely to scan many headlines before settling on something they want to read. Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger Media, notes that, on average, 8 of 10 people will read headlines, but only 2 of 10 will read beyond. If a reader doesn't click on your headline, your stellar opening paragraph will never get the chance to lure him or her to read further. You need to hook that reader with the headline. Here are some tips:

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How to Create Your First Facebook Ad

Special Announcement: This is the third post in the four-part series How to Create Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns – tips, techniques and strategies to grow your business with Facebook. To read all of the posts in this series, click here.

A Quick Review
Now that you have your can’t-miss free giveaway offer and a plan to convert Facebook fans who want this offer into prospects and then customers, it’s time to create a compelling Facebook post, which can be turned into a Facebook ad later.

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Prepare to move your Twitter account off its perch

The Twitter-Google deal that is expected to give tweets more prominence in Google search results means it’s time to review your integrated content marketing strategy and consider ramping up your social media presence on Twitter.

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Make Connections and Engage Readers with Storytelling

Your blog is more than a mouthpiece for your business. It's also a place to share stories – real, human experiences that can help create valuable connections with the people who read your posts.

We're not suggesting you lure people with cheesy stories and clickbait headlines. Your stories should be genuine and heartfelt, a nod to the early years of blogging in the late 1990s when blogs were essentially shared journals. While you should choose stories that you feel will resonate with others because of their own experiences or to touch their heart or funny bone, try to tie into what your company or publication represents and has to offer.

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