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Gamers Highlight the Power of Engaging Niche Audiences

Professional associations and specialty magazines looking to engage their readers can take a lesson from video gamers who raised more than $1.5 million to fight cancer.

The power of embracing and inspiring a niche audience was illustrated during the weeklong Awesome Games Done Quick, a video game speedrun livestream that benefited the Prevent Cancer Foundation. A speedrun is a form of hardcore gameplay in which players, also called runners, try to beat video games as quickly as possible, through a combination of skill, tricks, cheats and exploits.

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Tips to Tailor Your Content to Fit Your Audience

Producing relevant content that continues to engage your readers is essential to retaining subscribers and keeping a good reputation as an information source. To do this, you need to keep on top of who your audience is and get in front of information that's valuable to your readers.

As a print and digital magazine or association journal publisher, you can do that by putting timely content on your website and social media sites while also producing in-depth coverage, powerful art and compelling page design in your print publications. Be the expert resource that your readers keep coming to for answers and information.

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Start Your Press Release Right So Editors Will Read On

When you write a press release, it's important to get to the point right away. After all, your press release won't be seen if it doesn't get picked up by news sources who run press releases that interest them. Busy editors, journalists, bloggers and website owners who read your copy should be able to know what your business news is after reading the first paragraph or two, so start your press release right. Flowery, self-praising or mysterious leads are annoying to these busy people, but worse for you because they might stop reading and move on to the next pitch in their inbox.

Write a strong headline, a concise lead, supporting details and a closing paragraph, add your company info and links, have someone else proofread your copy, and you're done. If the point of your press release is to announce, for example, that a publication company has added a new online magazine, this is the most important thing you have to say, so start there.

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Reward Readers AND Your Publication With Contests

People like to share their opinions, they like to get free stuff, and they like to have a chance to win something. Capitalize on those desires by conducting an essay contest designed to benefit both your readers and your publication.

Solicit essays from readers, asking them to share the reasons your publication is important to them and how it helps them. Publicize the reader essay contest in both your print and digital magazines, on your website, in your blog, on social media, and via email lists. Ask that the essays be at least a certain length – perhaps a 50-word minimum – in order to receive valuable audience feedback from each entry. Readers should agree to allow you to publish their entries in both print and online magazines.

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Beating the Workplace Winter Blahs

After the adrenaline rush of holiday joy (and stress!), January can be a tough month, especially if you live in a locale where most of winter is spent in below-freezing temps. It's cold, the fun is over, and spring is far away. Some people may experience depression associated with winter, but even those not so deeply affected may sometimes feel discouraged by the season.

The winter blahs can easily travel from home to office as employees traverse snow and ice on their daily commutes, sometimes without benefit of sunlight. When winter drags on, every day can feel the same: more cold, more gloom. This can negatively affect creativity and productivity.

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