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iOS 7 – Swallowing the Red Pill

Do you remember “The Matrix” movie series? A decision had to be made by Neo to take either the blue pill or red pill. The blue pill would allow him to remain in his present condition with a world he understands, while the red pill would open his eyes to a whole new reality.

With the introduction of iOS 7 by Apple, we are given the same option – stay with what we know, or move into to a new (more fluorescent and flat) world.

Some will choose the blue pill for now, and remain in the pretty 3D world that has been home to the iOS experience so far. Others will swallow the red pill, opting for the new and being rewarded (according to Apple) with a cleaner and more modern look. Sadly, users of the original iPad 1 don’t have a choice since it isn’t compatible with iOS 7 and can’t be upgraded beyond iOS 6.New Call-to-action

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Five Effective Free Report Strategies

Creating and distributing free reports or white papers is an effective content marketing strategy that gives your business two important benefits.

First, providing high-valued content that is relevant to your website visitors will further position you as a thought leader. Additionally, if the report or white paper provides helpful solutions to common problems, then the document becomes even more valuable.Request Integrated Content Marketing Stategy Whitepaper

For example, a healthy-lifestyles magazine could offer a report on how to safeguard against the flu. The title could be something like, 20 Ways to Protect Your Family Against the Flu. Most families are concerned about this health risk and would probably appreciate the free advice.

Second, free reports or white papers offer your business the opportunity to collect personal information, like names and email addresses, of the people who visit your site.

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Friday Fun – How Well Do You See Color?

As stated on X-Rite’s Online Color Challenge, one out of 255 women and one out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. When you think about how much we value color accuracy in our publications, especially when promoting a brand or product, it’s interesting to consider that some portion of readers can’t see all the color hues presented to them.Request AHIMA Case Study

After you have arranged each row of colors so the hues gradually progress from the left hue to the right hue, click Score Test to see your results. You’ll see your score and will have the opportunity to add some demographic information to compare your results with others.

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10 Adobe® InDesign® Features to Help Designers

If you are a professional page-layout designer, or have professional designers on your staff, you’re probably interested in knowing if new software versions will have a real impact on efficiency.

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How to Choose the Right Walsworth App

Mobile apps present new opportunities to engage your readers. As mentioned in my previous post, Your Opportunity With Walsworth Apps, the interactive capabilities of apps will enhance your print content, offering more value to your readers and more revenue to you.

Walsworth offers three approaches to app design:Request AHIMA Case Study

  1. App Now takes your existing print publication and converts it into an app. What’s more, you can choose to upgrade sections of your publication to make them more interactive through our extensive roster of overlays and article templates.
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