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How to Choose the Right Walsworth App

Mobile apps present new opportunities to engage your readers. As mentioned in my previous post, Your Opportunity With Walsworth Apps, the interactive capabilities of apps will enhance your print content, offering more value to your readers and more revenue to you.

Walsworth offers three approaches to app design:Request AHIMA Case Study

  1. App Now takes your existing print publication and converts it into an app. What’s more, you can choose to upgrade sections of your publication to make them more interactive through our extensive roster of overlays and article templates.
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How to Build and Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is powerful, low cost and effective, but you have to figure out what works best for your audience. The beauty is that depending on your email service provider (ESP), you should have access to metrics such as open rates and click-through rates, and you can test items rapidly to see what works.

We’ll get into content and testing in other posts, but I want to start with the basics – how to successfully build your email list. Great email marketing starts with a good email list.

Just ask!
Ask your customers or prospects to opt-in for your email marketing. Why not just send emails to anyone who has ever ordered from you? If you send to anyone and everyone, your data will not be accurate, your emails won’t be read and you could be classified as a spammer (make sure your emails are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act).

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Your Opportunity With Walsworth Apps

You already deliver great print content to your audience. Print is robust – it doesn’t require a power supply, and it’s great for grabbing attention in physical space. But now, with the wide adoption of mobile devices, there are many reasons to consider delivering content via a mobile app as well. You’re probably already thinking about it or even actively discussing it.Request AHIMA Case Study

As you look to apps to grow your business and attract new members or readers, it’s important to consider what you’re trying to accomplish in specific terms.

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5 Ways B2B Manufacturers Increase Engagement with a Blog

Business-to-business manufacturers can enhance product sales by building relationships with customers and providing insights that help them do better business. One way to do that is by blogging.

Below are five ways B2B manufacturers can use a blog to increase engagement with customers.

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What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Business

At first glance, content marketing may seem like a lot of work for an undetermined return on investment. However, companies that take the time to develop keyword lists, write blogs, compose emails, and post content to social media enjoy a healthy ROI.

They know that, per dollar, content marketing produces three times more leads than online display ads and other types of marketing.

Quality content marketing will improve your ranking on Google and other search engines, according to a recent survey of marketers conducted by BusinessBolts.com. Seventy-one percent of survey respondents said they use content marketing to improve ranking on search engine results.

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