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Why Instagram May Be Instagreat for Your Business

You’re probably already aware that Instagram is a place to post and view images. What may not be as clear is how using Instagram can benefit your business.

Similar to points made in our How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business post, Instagram is best for ideas that can be communicated visually, whether with still images or videos. And, let’s face it, for all the time we spend online, we typically spend most time on websites that are visually compelling. So Instagram can be a great way to increase your audience engagement and expand your audience reach.

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What Makes a Great Landing Page?

In our previous Why Landing Pages Are Critical to Your Success post, we talked about the importance of landing pages in your overall marketing campaign.

To recap, landing pages can be thought of as transactional pages – pages that capture information through a subscription to a newsletter, a download link to a white paper or informational article, a sales form or other form that a visitor is asked to complete.

Visitors find a landing page by clicking on an ad, email offer or search result, so they’re already interested in your product – which means they’re ideal for motivating visitors to make a purchase or “opt in” to an offer you’re providing.

That’s the role landing pages play in your marketing campaign, so now let’s look at what makes an effective landing page – one that makes visitors want to learn more about your product or service and, hopefully, become customers:

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How to Approach SEO in a Hummingbird World

First, there was Panda. Then, there was Penguin. Now, it’s Hummingbird. Sound like a lineup for a local zoo? Nope, it’s just Google, redesigning the proprietary algorithm that defines which sites show up where in its search results.

A few weeks ago, Google announced the rollout of its most recent search algorithm, dubbed Hummingbird and developed at an even more intuitive level than previous algorithms to help ensure searchers get the results they’re really looking for.

That sounds good for users, but what does the new Hummingbird Google search algorithm mean for your business and its SEO strategy? Here’s a brief rundown:

Hummingbird is completely different. Except when it’s the same.
Unlike Panda and Penguin which were updates to existing algorithms, Hummingbird is a completely new and different algorithm which borrows from both Panda and Penguin. As a result, users won’t necessarily notice any difference when using Google’s search – except for (hopefully) better, more targeted, more accurate results. Instead, the differences lie in how Google interprets those searches and, in turn, how it sifts through websites to find the best results.

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Why Landing Pages Are Critical to Your Success

If you have a website, whether you maintain it yourself or hire someone else to do the work, chances are you’ve heard of landing pages. But do you really know what they are and how they can help you market your company and its products?

And, does it matter if online search results for your product include a landing page or just your website home page?

It sure does, and if you don’t know why landing pages are important to your site, read on.

What is a landing page?
A landing page is any page on your website that’s designed to capture your visitors’ attention by providing information specific to their needs – usually as the result of a web search or clicking on a web ad or email offer.

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How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

Since its launch a little over three years ago, Pinterest’s subscriber base has grown to 70 million users. So it’s no surprise that businesses are using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Since Pinterest is a visual medium, understanding how to get the most with Pinterest to help market your products is a cinch if you’re a retailer selling goods to consumers. Items from your inventory simply become your “pins.”

But if your organization is in the services or business-to-business space, using Pinterest as a marketing tool may not seem like a natural fit at first glance. The key to success, however, is just to think “visual.”

Here are a few ways your company can take advantage of the marketing opportunities Pinterest offers, even if you’re not in the retail space:

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