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A Day in the Life of a Startup Publisher: Meet John Olsa

In 2016, John Olsa left his career of 15 years to pursue a dream. He’d spent a decade and a half selling advertising for several publications, but was ready to start his own publishing company. Olsa now serves as the owner, CEO and publisher for SVK Multimedia & Publishing, and leads a small team in creating Great Lakes by Design and The Golf Explorer. Olsa brought along an editor, Rachel Weick, and designer, Christopher Pastotnik, when he started SVK, and they remain integral members of the team today.

Olsa took time out of his busy schedule to answer Walsworth’s questions about what it took to successfully launch a publication startup.

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Finding the Right Video Production Partner

Video is a growing component of marketing, engagement, training and communication in general. Video marketing can be powerful, but your association may lack the resources to create and implement an effective strategy. Finding the Right Video Production Partner for your Organization is a valuable resource to begin planning your strategy and finding the right partner.

Your association can benefit from the increasingly vital role video plays. Video is one of the best ways to get the right message in front of the right audience. However, the typical association team will not be equipped to handle the demands of video production.

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Establish Your Association as an Authority with the Right Blog Partner

Your association performs an important function for people united by a common interest, career or goal. Members look to you for guidance, education and to stay informed. A well-run blog can be key to establishing your association as an authority in the field. However, many associations do not have the staff or experience needed to run a successful blog. Starting and maintaining a blog may sound simple, but it requires planning and upkeep.

Finding the Right Partner to Start or Run Your Association Blog is a useful tool for getting started and maintaining high standards when hiring a partner.

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Finding the Right Association Event Coverage Partner

Professional event coverage can be a powerful tool to take your association event to the next level. Internal event coverage is different from outside media coverage, but can be just as useful. Finding the Right Event Coverage Partner for Your Association is a great resource to use when looking to expand or add coverage to your association event.

Event coverage can be specifically tailored to the needs of your association. It can go in-depth on conference sessions, generate excitement and engage the audience in interactive activities, and package the content in ways most useful to your association. The right event coverage partner can keep your association within a set budget while meeting the coverage needs of the association.

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Finding the right social media partner

Social media is a tool with enormous potential value for associations. However, it’s not as simple as simply dashing off a few sentences and hitting “post” every now and then. Finding the Right Social Media Partner for your Organization is a useful eBook for associations looking to develop a strategy.

Effective social media usage requires identifying an audience, determining the best channels for your organization, and identifying effective channels for sharing a message and engaging the audience.

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