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Save Your Magazine Big Money

People are always looking to save money, and it’s no different for niche magazine publishers.

Fabi Preslar, with SPARK Publications, and Kevin Evans, with WEB Media Group, gave a presentation titled 17 Huge (Hidden) Magazine Cost Saving Ideas at the Super Niche Media Event in Charlotte, North Carolina. They laid out four major areas where niche publishers can potentially save big money: people, processes, product and promotion.

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How Publishers Can Drive Revenue With a Content Hub

When it comes to digital presence, publishers are often aiming at a moving target. The expectations for online offerings are rapidly changing. It wasn’t that long ago many publishers slapped a PDF on their website, called it good, and the customer was happy. Now, this outdated style will have website visitors laughing (at you, not with you).

As the battle for reader attention continues, content hubs are becoming a necessary one-stop-shop. Andrew Shackelford, a Walsworth sales representative, is an experienced business development and marketing leader. He defines a content hub as “an online brand presence that leverages the value of content to achieve organizational marketing goals.”

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Announcing an exciting new ebook for associations!

Associations face many challenges, and in this day and age it can be a struggle to survive. Walsworth wants to help, and we’ve done so by creating a new eBook to assist associations with membership growth and retention called Making it Easier.

This eBook builds upon four cornerstones: engage, retain, balance and sustain. It covers how to engage with association members, how to retain those members, how to balance the mix of print and digital, and how to sustain your association by appealing to young people.

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Raking in Revenue through eCommerce

Has your publication considered eCommerce as a potential revenue source? Meg Estevez, corporate director of audience development at NewBay Media, made a case for it at Niche Media’s 2017 Super Niche conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In her presentation titled Build It and They Will Shop! How to Develop Your Brand’s Online Store, she outlined four basic steps to build and bring in revenue through eCommerce stores.

What goes in the store
First, you have to figure out what you’re going to sell. Start with simple items and things you already have on hand, such as magazines or research reports in PDF format. Keep a “wish list” of stuff you’d like to add later.

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How Publishers are Driving Revenue Through Analytics

You may be missing one key to growing your publication’s business: analytics.

There are plenty of reasons you may not be using them.

  • “I don’t like numbers.”
  • “They don’t tell me much.”
  • “I haven’t got the data.”
  • “It’s too expensive.”

Stop. Right now. With the excuses.

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