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How to See Your Organization from Your Members' Eyes

Perhaps you’re having a tough time recruiting new members to your trade organization. Or maybe the association member retention rate has hit the skids for your society organization. You know your organization is extremely beneficial; otherwise you wouldn’t be helping to run it. But your members may not think it’s valuable to them.

What gives?

Two things may be going on with trade organizations, society organizations and other associations that are having difficulty with member engagement, recruitment or retention. And the key to solving them both is viewing your organization not as a bigwig leading the pack, but as member who is part of the group’s very core.

You need to see your organization from your members’ eyes. Three strategic tips can help.

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Where to Find Creative Talent for Your Publication

Let’s say you have the greatest idea for your company’s next killer publication. You already have the artwork, layout, writing topics and other content in mind. But you still need the talent to create it.

Whether you’re looking for graphic designers to work on your series of lifestyle publications, writers to flesh out your digital magazine contents, or artists to make your eBook pop, finding creative talent may not be as difficult or time-consuming as you may think.

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How to Evaluate Your Online Presence

When it comes to the modern mode of doing business, your online presence is pretty much your life. This counts double if you happen to be an app creator, digital magazine or other entity that relies on Internet activity to keep your business alive.

Your company website is the core of your online presence, and it should be fortified by social media profiles and an active content marketing strategy.

A few signs can indicate your online presence definitely needs a boost:

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A Beginner's Guide to the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

The premise behind LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform is simple: every LinkedIn professional has valuable insights to share – how to sell anything, how to lower churn rates, how to jumpstart a business – and the publishing platform is a natural place to share these insights. And now, thanks to the publishing platform, you can both curate and distribute your professional knowledge.

With more than 277 million members, LinkedIn is the ultimate professional networking site – and now you have even greater access to these members, even if you are not currently connected. Here’s what you can leverage with LinkedIn’s new publishing platform to build your brand and reputation as an industry thought leader.

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Why Your Business Should Use Google Analytics

You may know Google Analytics as a quick way to see how many hits your website is getting on any given day, but that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to what this platform can do.

Packed with powerful tools and amazing insights, Google Analytics can help your business better engage your audience, boost sales and continuously improve your content marketing efforts so you can keep on doing more of the same.

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