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Best Practices for Tracking Customer Satisfaction

Most organizations want to know how satisfied their customers are because they recognize that dissatisfied customers usually take their business elsewhere. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have a formal program in place to gather and track customer satisfaction, and have to rely on anecdotal information.

In my experience, informal feedback is a fickle animal that comes in waves and often leads to knee-jerk decision making and ineffective improvement efforts. It can be exhausting to an organization that gets into a mode of scrambling to put out daily fires of the loudest or most urgent feedback of the moment.Request Integrated Content Marketing Stategy Whitepaper

Operating in firefighter mode can also short-circuit an organization’s ability to plan and execute longer term efforts that have potential to address problem issues that matter most to customers. If you find your organization in this scenario, a formal customer satisfaction program may help you regain your own daily sanity and significantly improve your customers’ experience as well.

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M-Commerce Is Steadily Growing

If you are the type of publisher that chooses to exercise caution before adopting new technologies, you are not alone. Jumping on every new trend is not always the best approach in business. However, there are also moments when you must embrace change or risk being left behind.

The rise in mobile commerce, or m-commerce, demonstrates the importance of a strong mobile strategy, one that includes creating your own app.

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