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How to Create a Free Giveaway that Facebook Fans Will Love

Special Announcement: This post is part of the How to Create Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns series – tips, techniques and strategies to grow your business with Facebook. To read all of the posts in this series, click here.

Why Facebook Marketing?
If your business or organization needs a steady flow of targeted, interested and motivated customers and prospects to grow, then Facebook may be the right marketing tool for you.

Leveraging Facebook’s robust audience targeting capability along with its sophisticated, but easy-to-use, ad creation and measurement tools, will help you reach the people who matter most to your business. Plus, you only pay for the audience you want to reach and actions you want them to take.

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Rediscover the Power of Print Catalogs

The return of the J.C. Penney print catalog demonstrates that print is not nearly as dead as naysayers may have led you to believe. And, similar to what Billy Crystal’s character says in the movie Princess Bride, it's not even mostly dead. In fact, print is showing its continuing value in audience engagement.

At 120 pages, the new J.C. Penney catalog is substantially smaller and lighter than the old "Big Book" version, which often hit 1,000 pages before it was phased out in 2009, NPR's Sam Sanders writes in a Jan. 20 article.

The decision to bring back the revamped catalog, which will debut in March, centers around what customers want: A print book to hold in their hands.

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When Old Becomes New: Revamp Your Content to Boost Readership

Do you sometimes struggle to come up with a new topic for your blog? Are you searching for more ideas for compelling articles on your website's news page? If you don't have news to report, an event to promote, or something specific you want to get across to your readers, why not take a look in your archives and revisit a solid evergreen article or blog post, giving it some new content to increase engagement with your audience>?

Revamping old material isn't about sifting through old news and reusing it so you don't have to write something new. In fact, it could take more time to tweak a post than to write a new one. Revamping gives you the opportunity to revisit a topic with a fresh perspective or add context to current news.

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Gamers Highlight the Power of Engaging Niche Audiences

Professional associations and specialty magazines looking to engage their readers can take a lesson from video gamers who raised more than $1.5 million to fight cancer.

The power of embracing and inspiring a niche audience was illustrated during the weeklong Awesome Games Done Quick, a video game speedrun livestream that benefited the Prevent Cancer Foundation. A speedrun is a form of hardcore gameplay in which players, also called runners, try to beat video games as quickly as possible, through a combination of skill, tricks, cheats and exploits.

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Tips to Tailor Your Content to Fit Your Audience

Producing relevant content that continues to engage your readers is essential to retaining subscribers and keeping a good reputation as an information source. To do this, you need to keep on top of who your audience is and get in front of information that's valuable to your readers.

As a print and digital magazine or association journal publisher, you can do that by putting timely content on your website and social media sites while also producing in-depth coverage, powerful art and compelling page design in your print publications. Be the expert resource that your readers keep coming to for answers and information.

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