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The Role of Publishing Apps in Your Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

Does your organization use a printed catalog or magazine to connect with your audience and provide value to them? Are you already using a mobile version of your publication to expand your audience reach?

The The Power of Walsworth Apps blog series details the benefits of utilizing a publication app to generate additional revenue while delivering a rich and interactive reader experience.

And, as mentioned in the Using An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy article, a publication app can provide more in terms of tracking and marketing potential, and is a perfect fit in the context of a larger integrated content marketing strategy.

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The Role of Print in Your Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is frequently thought of as an online-only strategy today, so the idea of incorporating print into your integrated content marketing strategy may not seem obvious. Despite this, several recent articles have been published about how print marketing is thriving and how print can drive online traffic.

And, as mentioned in my Using An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy article, print is an important part of your coordinated content marketing efforts.

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How Email Fits in Your Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

Email may be the most powerful aspect of your integrated content marketing strategy. It’s a one-on-one conversation with a reader who has chosen to opt in and hear what you have to say. Best of all, thanks to its versatility and trackability, it’s the perfect avenue for communication with customers.

But, as mentioned in my Using An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy article, your marketing efforts will be far more effective when your activities are coordinated pieces of a larger machine rather than scattershot events each functioning in its own silo.

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Using An Integrated Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing tactics often are devised as individual ideas. You want to promote a new book, so you create a website that provides information about the book. The author wants to get his or her name out there, so he or she creates a Twitter account or Facebook page. Taken individually, these are good ideas to move the needle.

But there’s something missing. And that something is strategy.

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Using LinkedIn to Grow Membership – A Success Story

If you are like our many association customers, you are always on the lookout for ways to grow your membership.

Perhaps you have distributed complimentary copies of your association magazine to a targeted list of prospective members. Or, with recent advances in mobile publication apps, such as Walsworth Apps, perhaps you have sent marketing emails to your targeted list in order to offer a complimentary download of one of your interactive digital issues.

Both of these methods can garner new members who see the value of your association and the information and services you provide.

But, I will admit, when I read the Associations Now post, You Won't Believe The ROI On This Member Recruitment Campaign, my immediate response was, “Of course. LinkedIn would be a great place to recruit new members.”

In the article, Associations Now’s Joe Rominiecki reviews a LinkedIn membership campaign conducted by International Coach Federation, which experienced an amazing return on its investment. And, although the campaign required a lot of forethought and three months of effort, their actual cash expense was modest.

If you are in the business of growing membership, this article is for you.

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