We know your content is the heart and soul of your business. We also understand, more than ever before, your audience is demanding access to your content anytime, anywhere, and in any form.

You can no longer be one dimensional. It's time to be asking questions like, “How do we better utilize digital to acquire more visitors?” or “How do we utilize both print and digital to convert visitors into subscribers, members or customers?” or “How do we use digital and print to engage more effectively?”

But are you leveraging print, web, email and social media platform in an integrated way that creates a whole is greater than the sum of its parts approach?

Digital Presence Assessment Walsworth

Accurate Testing

Because organizations utilizing an integrated approach with print, web, email and social media channels see the greatest growth, Walsworth has developed the Digital Presence Assessment to help you accomplish the following:

  • Measure overall performance of an organization’s digital assets
  • Compare an organization’s digital performance against its competitors
  • Drive key insights and recommendations for future digital efforts

Digital Presence Assessment Scorecard

The Digital Presence Assessment is a great way to get a snapshot of what is working well and to provide insights regarding priority areas of improvement opportunities.

The assessment’s scorecard captures an evaluation of a publisher’s holistic digital presence effectiveness, including:

  • Website performance
  • Social media performance
  • Email marketing performance
  • Online marketing performance
  • Performance of publication digital edition and/or mobile app

Request a Digital Presence Assessment

If your organization would benefit from clearer understanding of where you should focus your digital efforts and where you stand versus your competitors, please contact us to request more information about a Digital Presence Assessment today.

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