Digital Presence Assessment

We understand you are developing valuable content to publish and print. Also, we understand, more than ever before, you are asking questions such as, “How do we get more visitors to our website?” or “Are our online efforts helping us grow our subscriber base?

But are you leveraging print, web, email and social media platforms in an integrated way that creates a whole is greater than the sum of its parts approach?

The Digital Presence Assessment is a great way to get a snapshot of what is working well with your digital efforts, and to provide you with insights regarding priority areas of improvement opportunities regarding the performance of your organization's:
  ■  Website
  ■  Social media
  ■  Email marketing
  ■  Online marketing
  ■  Digital edition and/or mobile app for your publications(s)

To request more information about how a Digital Presence Assessment can benefit your organization, please submit this information request form.

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