Your organization’s story is important to you and future generations. But the history of many organizations is collecting dust rather than telling the rich stories that can be told with artifacts, memoirs and photos.

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That’s where Donning Company Publishers comes in

A wholly owned subsidiary of Walsworth, Donning has been successfully helping organizations:

  • Capture their history and values in book form
  • Develop a tangible resource to communicate their brand
  • Create a stream of revenue with keepsake books

Our clients have used their published commemoratives for:

  • Economic development and fundraising – High-quality Donning books act as an essential marketing tool to acquire new donors, members and employees. And our nonprofit package enables organizations to raise funds without spending from their limited marketing budgets.
  • Anniversary celebrations – Many organizations support their culture and brand by honoring their past achievements each time they have a significant anniversary.
  • Establishing a vision for the future – A beautiful book is an excellent tool for laying the groundwork for an organization's direction and providing a visual reference for readers to learn how they support the vision.
Walsworth Publishing and Design

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Whether your organization is a corporation, association, cooperative or a club, Donning can help you tell your story.

Our team of authors, researchers and designers will help you create a commemorative book that has a lasting impact on your employees, members, customers and community.

Visit the Donning website today to learn more and start the process of preserving your history.

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