Walsworth’s technical support staff is dedicated to helping customers solve problems and avoid frustration. Whether your organization wants advice on making their current design and submission process more efficient, or your design staff likes to bend layout design conventions, chances are good you will run into a technicality that you didn’t have an easy answer for.

Since it’s common for our customers to have questions about creating a specific design effect so it will translate to print as expected, Walsworth’s technical support team is available to consult with you. They analyze files upon submission to detect any issues that might impact production. And, Walsworth’s technical support staff is available to provide personalized training to help ensure a smooth workflow and eliminate potential project delays.

Walsworth Technical Support

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Many technical resources are available in the Client Tools area of our website, and we’re here to help any time you have questions about page layout, monitor color calibration or creating a special visual effects.

Our goal is to ensure that your publication looks exactly like you intended so that both you and your readers enjoy your design and content.

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