Walsworth offers heatset web printing, which delivers precise color accuracy at high speeds. Our 8- and 10-unit web presses feature closed-loop color control to ensure consistent color quality. This, along with other quality assurance processes, helps Walsworth maintain its G7 certification and offers you color reproduction quality you can rely upon.

Walsworth Web Printing

Web Presses

Web presses are well suited for longer print runs of magazine and catalog production. Web presses use paper rolls to reduce paper costs, and they print and fold in one quick operation to help us offer flexible scheduling and help you save money.

Walsworth recently invested in an expansion of its web press offering by installing a Goss Sunday web press, a zero-emission press whose atmospheric exhaust is water vapor only. The Sunday press is designed to reduce paper waste with shorter paper cutoffs and faster make-ready times.

On-Time Delivery

Walsworth utilizes several technologies to ensure reliable, on-time delivery:

  • Real-time shop floor data collection integrated with our scheduling system
  • State-of-the-art press camera systems for managing web weave, cut-off and paper fold alignment
  • Laser signature recognition for collation and skew on bindery lines
  • Downstream inhibit systems to catch missing and double signatures on bindery lines
  • Preset and closed-loop color press systems that presets plates and color requirements directly from our prepress system
Walsworth Web Printing

Our Commitment

All of these factors are part of Walsworth’s commitment to reduce cost while minimizing our environmental impact.

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