Walsworth offers sheetfed printing to provide efficiency for short-and-medium run print jobs.

Walsworth’s 8-unit sheetfed presses deliver exceptional color quality. Many of the presses provide print perfecting that can print both sides of the sheet at the same time at high speeds.

Walsworth Sheetfed Printing

Continuous Improvement Program

All presses have state-of-the-art quality controls, including automatic register and a closed loop color system. Walsworth is G7 certified, providing you with color reproduction quality you can count on.

To ensure you reliable, on-time delivery, Walsworth employs a continuous improvement program and consistent investment in new presses.

Our Commitment

As CEO Don O. Walsworth said after a recent press acquisition, “The purchase of our newest Heidelberg press is another testimony to our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs by improving production time and raising the bar on quality.”

The automatic plate changers of our newest press can change plates in 60 seconds and are configured with a roll sheeter, which allows web rolls to be converted to sheets and printed on the press in-line.

This is part of Walsworth’s commitment to improve production efficiency, minimize environmental impact and offer flexible scheduling, all while helping you save money.

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