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Finding the Right Association Event Coverage Partner

Written by Sarah Scott | December 11, 2017

Professional event coverage can be a powerful tool to take your association event to the next level. Internal event coverage is different from outside media coverage, but can be just as useful. Finding the Right Event Coverage Partner for Your Association is a great resource to use when looking to expand or add coverage to your association event.

Event coverage can be specifically tailored to the needs of your association. It can go in-depth on conference sessions, generate excitement and engage the audience in interactive activities, and package the content in ways most useful to your association. The right event coverage partner can keep your association within a set budget while meeting the coverage needs of the association.

Event coverage is no small undertaking. Most associations won’t have the resources or expertise available within their organization. Finding the Right Event Coverage Partner for Your Association can help you narrow down the characteristics to look for in an event coverage partner. You’ll need to consider the type of coverage you desire, the size and specifics of the event, and the budget for event coverage.

Return on investment won’t be immediate. This eBook explains what to expect, how to measure ROI and the timeline to expect. It explains how to define success and the questions that need to be asked when creating that definition.

If your association is ready to create buzz around your next event and increase the engagement of attendees, but don’t have a coverage team at your disposal, download Finding the Right Event Coverage Partner for Your Association to begin the process.