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How Apps Can Help You Reach More Readers

Written by Alex Blackwell | September 6, 2013

Apps primarily allow you to deliver compelling content to readers with mobile devices, but they also provide you with real-time analysis of customer behavior and interactive advertisements. The benefits of publishing apps include acquiring more readers, increasing your subscription rate and connecting readers with a brand.

An app’s ability to increase readership includes attracting new readers as well as readers who have previously abandoned your publishing site. These apps can also update your content with current information based on real-time analytics such as the location of your subscribers and the Internet users with whom they interact.

The ability to make content more immersive allows publishing apps to keep your audience engaged and creates rich content that allows readers to connect with your brand. Publishing apps can increase your revenue by increasing your subscription rate and offering additional features. They also make your content more accessible by distributing them through multiple channels such as print and the web.

Interactivity is one of the most powerful features of publishing apps, since they engage your readers in a variety of ways rather than just providing static content that they can only read. For example, these apps can create a table of contents with hyperlinks that allow the reader to directly access each entry.

Publishing apps also provide the following interactive capabilities:

  • Product showcases
  • Social media links
  • Scrollable pages
  • Scratch offs
  • Drag strips
  • Slideshows
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Maps

Walsworth app publishing packages have features that allow you to meet a variety of publishing goals. These packages include the following products:

  • App Now
  • App Advantage
  • App Plus
  • Web Edition

App Now allows you to convert your existing print documents into a new app that presents your apps in an engaging manner.

App Advantage provides publishers with customized apps that are created by digital designers and have extensive interactive features.

App Plus allows publishers to update their content in real time by synchronizing an app to a website. This package also includes interactive features such as advertisements and apps.

Web Edition converts print files into web pages. This package is most useful for publishers who need to display their content online.

For more on publishing apps, please visit the Walsworth Apps page.