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The Power of Walsworth Apps – Forms

Written by Alex Blackwell | March 14, 2014

What Is It?

Forms allow you to collect information directly from your readers. Upon submission, the data is emailed to a designated address. Walsworth Forms are often used for contact or registration purposes.

You can also utilize these forms in an app and have it function like as a landing page. The landing page features instructions to the reader and a form to capture a visitor's information.

Why Would You Use It?

A Walsworth Apps Form on a landing page is an opportunity for a reader to convert -- what marketers often refer to as a conversion event. That conversion event could be filling out a form along with an email address so the reader can subscribe to your blog, or filling out transactional information to purchase a product on your site.

The landing page form, whether one field or multiple fields, is the time for a reader to give you certain information about them so you can give them something in return.

Forms are fully integrated in the Walsworth Apps experience and can be custom-designed. Features include: image attachments, URL redirects and weekly or monthly report summaries (Excel or PDF) are available for managing report replies and content.


These examples show how readers use a Walsworth Apps form.

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