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How to design your book for Walsworth’s binding process

Written by Sarah Scott | March 1, 2018

Preparing a book, catalog or magazine for printing is a detailed process. Walsworth offers many options for binding your publication, but each has its individual design requirements.

Whether you choose hard cover Smyth Sewn, soft cover Perfect Bound, Mechanical Bound or Saddle Stitch, we want to help you be successful with the binding option that’s best for your publication and design for it accordingly.

That’s why we’ve put together a manual, How to Design Your Book for Walsworth’s Binding Process.

Those with experience can simply skim through looking for specific requirements. Those with less experience can go more in-depth with this eBook.

We’ve included a glossary of commonly-used binding terms, because not everyone outside the printing industry will be familiar with the differences between casebound, perfect bound or mechanical bound books. We’ve highlighted the basic differences between these, and what needs to be done to prepare for an individual binding option.

How to Design Your Book for Walsworth’s Binding Process describes the specifics for each type of binding. It also includes photographs and diagrams to help illustrate these processes.

We hope you find value in this eBook. It isn’t a replacement for customer service. Whenever you have questions, never hesitate to reach out to your sales rep or Customer Service Representative. However, when you need to check a quick measure, or merely learn more about the overall process, use How to Design Your Book for Walsworth’s Binding Process as a reference.

It can be downloaded here.