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Niche Social Media Channels to Reach Your Audience

Written by Christoph Sisson | February 2, 2016

You already know the importance of having a content marketing strategy to create a strong social media presence. This usually means highly popular mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, but depending on your company or organization, other social sites may be helpful as well.

While many such sites may be completely irrelevant to your organization, others could offer unique opportunities to connect with social networks that have a finely tuned audience that's more specific than you'd find among general users. If you want to engage with people with a narrow range of interests, you can search for niche social media channels or simply check out some of the niche social platforms below:


  • Care2. Nonprofit organizations and associations that are concerned with environmentalism may wish to align themselves with Care2, which seeks to help people live healthy, green lifestyles and support their favorite causes. With more than 16 million members, the site has 8.2 million unique monthly visitors.

Creativity and Design

  • Dribbble. This community of designers offers opportunities for people to share screenshots of their creative works and processes.
  • Behance. Creative and visual artists also come together on this social network.
  • Ravelry. Businesses and organizations that focus on fashion or lifestyle topics can interact with people who knit and crochet.
  • BurdaStyle.  Along those same lines, this social network is for fashion-minded people and those who sew.
  • Crafters Community.  Craft ideas and instructional posts can help you be part of a community of people who love to create. Plus, this site can also be a bridge to Pinterest users.
  • Curbly.  Connect with people who have DIY projects and stories to share, and post your own products if this is your type of niche.


  • BirdPost. Outdoors-related companies can connect with bird-watchers.


  • Quora. Experts on any subject can develop a following on this powerful Q&A site.
  • Instructables. If you have information to share that can help people create while also establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you can make connections here if your focus is on music, movies, games, robots or educational activities.

Cars and More

  • Madwhips. Car associations should take a look at this site, where users share car photos of vehicles both old and new.
  • BikerOrNot. Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts frequent this transportation-related social platform.
  • Gentlemint. While Pinterest is populated primarily by women, this community discusses more manly topics, such as cars, sports and guns.

Health and Lifestyle

  • BlogHer. Lifestyle publications with a strong focus on women's topics and readers who are predominately female can find influential female bloggers on this blogging network.
  • ThirdAge. Baby boomers and senior citizens can find advice and information here. A lifestyle niche publication that focuses on topics for these groups could make important connections here.
  • Athlinks. Fitness companies and health organizations may want to check out this site, which says it offers the largest results database in the world for endurance athletes. It has more than 15,000 Facebook fans, so it could draw people within the larger social media community as well.
  • PatientsLikeMe. Health-related organizations can engage with patients and share information.
  • Inspire. You can also share health information with members of the health community here, too.
  • Ozmosis. This social network helps doctors and other health-care professionals engage with one another as well as business providers within the medical community.

These and other sites offer great opportunities to interact with people who may be ideal prospects for your company or may provide information and other resources that are helpful to them. You can connect through conversations, shared content, photos, links and other methods.

Not only can you draw people closer to you and be a valuable resource to them, you may find yourself drawn to them, too. Even though you may be trying to share your own ideas and information, always be open to the input of others. You never know what you can learn.