by Christoph Sisson on May 19, 2015

Want a Bold Advertising Tool? Think Sticky Note Advertising!

Are you looking for ways to increase ad views in your print publication?

Our How to Maximize Ad Views within Your Magazine App article provides tips for your magazine publishing app.

For print magazines, colorful sticky notes easily catch your eye. In addition to delivering quick messages, brightly colored sticky notes can also draw the attention of readers as a vibrant marketing and advertising tool in magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and direct-mail materials.

A sticky note stands out wherever it is, so it beats the competition with everything else on a magazine page. The message may not be of interest to every reader, but it will still draw more attention than a similar-sized ad in the bottom corner of the page. It will at least get a strong chance to be of interest to any reader who picks up the publication.

Sticky-note labels are available with the traditional adhesive on the top strip, as well as with adhesive covering the entire back of the label. The choice of adhesive coverage largely depends on where the labels will be placed. Sticky notes on a magazine cover need more adhesive to ensure they don't accidentally fall off.

What can you do with a sticky note? The options are virtually limitless:

  • Coupons
  • Sales
  • Special events
  • Contests
  • Brand recognition
  • A note to direct readers to an ad within the publication

The content of the sticky note, of course, should be in line with the target market of the publication in which it appears. For example, the cover of a regional magazine would be a good place for a note highlighting a new resort's grand opening, while a fitness-related publication might have a sticky note from an advertiser of workout equipment.

Benefits of Sticky Notes
Request Integrated Content Marketing Stategy Whitepaper Sticky notes as a marketing tool have been around for a while, but they're not something you see every day, so they make an impression. Furthermore, a sticky note separates from the magazine, drawing special attention as the reader can physically pick it up and read it separately. The reader also can place the sticky note on a cupboard door, refrigerator, car dashboard, or other place where it can easily be grabbed on the way out the door.

The design for a sticky-note ad generally includes a logo or other art, a call to action and contact information. Vibrant color will make the note pop.

The common size for a sticky-note ad is the standard 3-inch-by-3-inch square, although, like traditional sticky notes, other sizes can be used. The notes can also be in different shapes, such as rectangles and even circular or heart shapes.

More Labels
In addition to sticky-note marketing, other special labels of varying styles and sizes can be used to draw attention.

Release labels stay on well but can also peel off easily with no residue left on the publication. These can take the form of ads, address labels, reminders of expiring subscriptions, and messaging such as “Check out our upcoming conference," as examples.

Walsworth offers sticky-note advertising and release labels as part of our printing services. We can custom-print the labels and then machine-apply them on or inside the publication. We can even apply the labels at an angle so they look randomly applied, as if someone had slapped them on as a reminder.

Sticky notes have come a long way from their yellow roots. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and light, bright and bold colors. These variations mean more creative choices in these notes when used as clever, standout advertisements.

Many companies purchase pads of branded sticky notes to distribute as freebies to customers and prospective customers, as they are aware of how much people rely on these notes to remind them or others of appointments, messages, instructions and other information. The sticky notes will get used, with the company's name on every one of them. And people who use sticky notes regularly will notice when they see one on the cover or page of a favorite magazine.

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