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How to Hashtag to Increase Visibility to Your Tweets

While most folks are familiar with Twitter’s hashtag, not everyone is just as knowledgeable about using it effectively. Introduced in 2007, the hashtag is the “#” symbol you put in front of a keyword or topic in your tweet.

Using the hashtag correctly can increase visibility to your Tweets. Using it incorrectly can actually decrease the exposure of your tweet or even lead to annoyance or outrage in the social media scene.

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5 Tips for Converting Website Visitors into Customers

Everyone wants to generate website traffic, but getting people to visit your website is only half the battle. Converting those visitors into customers is the real challenge, and it’s essential to the success of your business. If people visit without taking the next step, you may as well not have a website at all.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to create revenue streams from your website visitors. Here are five tips to improve landing page performance for converting website visitors into customers.

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Print Still Works for a Successful Content Strategy

The news and magazine publishing industries can do more than breathe a sigh of relief after a stretch of tough times. They may actually want to launch a celebration. Industry reports note that American journalism is getting a boost from tech-savvy investors while magazines are showing an increase in new launches as well as quality.

In other words, print media may be able to come off life support; the industry appears far from dead. With print still in the media game, it can still play an integral role in a successful content strategy.

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How to Launch a Successful App | Keep Making Some Noise

Once your new app is launched successfully, you still have the perpetual job of keeping downloads and attention going strong. How to keep making some noise is the final topic in our four-part series that outlines Walsworth’s exclusive “A Practical Guide to a Successful App Launch: 20 Helpful Tips.”

Continuing up the noise helps keep your app in the spotlight instead of relegated to yesterday’s news. You need to tell the world your app remains relevant, exciting and a must-have for savvy readers looking for compelling content and delicious deals.

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How to Launch a Successful App | Part Three - Have Fun

The day you launch your app is officially party time, and your overall goal is to enjoy every moment of it.

Having fun is the third topic in our four-part series that outlines Walsworth’s exclusive “A Practical Guide to a Successful App Launch: 20 Helpful Tips.”

Having fun comes from watching all your hard work and preparation come together for the real-time launch of your brand new app. It also comes from a few launch-day tasks that ensure you make the most of this long-awaited day.

Launch Day Duties

Keep track of your launch-day duties by making a to-do list or chart that outlines your tasks and lets you check them off when they're done. Entries include:

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