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5 Ways B2B Manufacturers Increase Engagement with a Blog

Business-to-business manufacturers can enhance product sales by building relationships with customers and providing insights that help them do better business. One way to do that is by blogging.

Below are five ways B2B manufacturers can use a blog to increase engagement with customers.

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What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Business

At first glance, content marketing may seem like a lot of work for an undetermined return on investment. However, companies that take the time to develop keyword lists, write blogs, compose emails, and post content to social media enjoy a healthy ROI.

They know that, per dollar, content marketing produces three times more leads than online display ads and other types of marketing.

Quality content marketing will improve your ranking on Google and other search engines, according to a recent survey of marketers conducted by BusinessBolts.com. Seventy-one percent of survey respondents said they use content marketing to improve ranking on search engine results.

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How Apps Can Help You Reach More Readers

Apps primarily allow you to deliver compelling content to readers with mobile devices, but they also provide you with real-time analysis of customer behavior and interactive advertisements. The benefits of publishing apps include acquiring more readers, increasing your subscription rate and connecting readers with a brand.

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M-Commerce Is Steadily Growing

If you are the type of publisher that chooses to exercise caution before adopting new technologies, you are not alone. Jumping on every new trend is not always the best approach in business. However, there are also moments when you must embrace change or risk being left behind.

The rise in mobile commerce, or m-commerce, demonstrates the importance of a strong mobile strategy, one that includes creating your own app.

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